10 Useful and Practical Tips to Prepare for Exams Amidst the Pandemic

21 Sep 2020 | By Parth Verma


Perhaps one of the most used hashtags in those snap stories sent during your study time. (even when you’re not really “studying”) Yeah, we know the struggle is real. Everyone around the globe is finding new ways to cope up with the pandemic. 

Before it was easy to get away at the nearest cafe and peacefully study. Group studies without social distancing was your favorite practice when your exams are around the corner. Now, times are different. You gotta redirect to the new normal and get going with your studies at your hostel amidst the pandemic.
The Go-To Study Tips During Coronavirus
No more exam stress, lack of concentration, and fear of poor results. Here are 10 simple and practical tips to prepare for your exams amidst the pandemic.

1. Craft your Study Space - A dedicated study space is essential to focus on your exam preparations. Remind yourself that it’s not your vacation time. It’s time to acknowledge the situation and focus on what’s in your power. Ensure that you do not study sitting on the bed. Chances are, your focus level will decrease and you might not feel like studying there. Hence, always look forward to crafting your own study space the way you like it.

It doesn’t have to be Instagrammable. Just keep your books, stationery, and other study tools organized and distractions like phones out of your ‘hand stretch reach.’ Make sure it’s clean, clutter-free, properly lit up and a quiet place that invites you to sit with good posture and start studying.

2. Avoid Distractions - During a  global pandemic, news exposure that you get can be really tiring. Come on! It's out there, everywhere. 2020 is a super sad year. The more news you consume through traditional and digital media, the more it affects the way you feel. Therefore, understand that while it's important to stay updated about what's happening, it's even more essential to learn when to pause. Don’t let the external factors take charge of you. Monitor your well being from time to time.

Take a break, check out a virtual tour of your favorite monument, talk to your family, read a book, and do things that make you happy to avoid distractions. This will keep you mentally strong, mindful, and ready to prepare for your exams.

3. Set Realistic Goals - Know your potentials, strengths, weaknesses, and priorities. These will help you set realistic goals that you can achieve. Unrealistic goals will lead you nowhere. They will make you feel stuck. Rather go for something you believe you can do. You are not just motivated but also better focused when you know what are your goals and how you can fulfill them. Be specific, clear, and work passionately towards them.

4. Create a Schedule - If you have a schedule planned, you will always have something to look forward to! Scheduling helps you stay organized and make time for all the things you want to do daily. The things you have to do, the things that make you happy, and everything in between. Ensure that your schedule includes study time along with breaks and other activities. 

You can either go for the classic pen and paper scheduling method or choose apps like My Study Life, Chipper, Power Planner, Egenda, etc. These can help you manage your time and schedule efficiently. Preparing for your exams this way will not just be fun but also stress-free and relaxed.

5. Stay Healthy - The pandemic is quite known to take a toll on our health, physically as well as mentally. So to stay healthy in hostels, ensure you eat well on time and get adequate sleep. Go for a balanced diet and make time to hydrate yourself with water, herbal tea, orange juice, or other healthy drinks. 

When it comes to sleeping, a minimum of 7-8 hours is essential. Sleeping early can help improve your memory retention power. If you don't get enough sleep, it not only affects your focus but also your overall mode. You will tend to laze around without motivation. (that's not something you would want!) 

6. Exercise and Yoga - For staying fit and focused, you can do simple exercises, yoga, and meditation during your study time breaks. Exercising will keep you motivated and flexible. Plus, your brain is more active when you are physically active and fit. There are numerous simple exercise tutorials on YouTube that you could check out in your free time and add it to your daily routine. 

Yoga and meditation are also a great way to stay fit. It will truly help you in taking care of yourself.  You will be emotionally strong, much more capable, and focused. Hence, it will help you stay calm and relaxed with a healthier mind.

7. Boost your Study Skills - These skills are going to be handy for life! Your study skills can save you time and also help you easily prepare for your exams amidst the pandemic. If you consistently practice it, you will definitely boost your study skills. 

These include getting organized, improving your handwriting, effective reading, taking notes, using flashcards, prioritizing, and creating easy acronyms to memorize points in the long run. You can always try new ways to make it easier for yourself.

8. Reward Yourself - Studying itself can be a tough task for some of you. Under such crisis times, it might get even more difficult to gather all the focus and channelize it all by yourself. But guess what, you still did it! Which means it's progress. Big or small, it should be celebrated.

You have done your tasks as per your schedule, so now it's time to reward yourself for being committed to your study time. Your reward can be taking a nap, eating your favorite dessert, binge-watching an extra episode of the new web series, or just about any activity that you love doing. Rewarding yourself will help reinforce these good study habits and obviously you totally deserve it! 

9. Discuss and Stay Connected - During this pandemic, social distancing is mandatory so you definitely won't be able to meet your dear ones. However, staying connected with them virtually is important for sound mental and physical health. 

Not just that, you can also catch up with your peers and discuss what you have studied. This helps in interactive learning and also gives your greater retention of all that you have studied during the day. And who knows you might even end up doing a virtual group study session!

10. Stay Positive - The uncertainness of this pandemic can give you various thoughts leading to a hotchpotch. Trust me, it's totally normal. If there's a negative thought like "I may also get sick and be tested positive for COVID-19," think optimistic and tell yourself, "I'll be healthy by practicing all the safety measures." 

Know that you are safe and in control. You are capable of greater things and the pandemic cannot stop you. You're unstoppable, just believe in yourself and you will achieve all your goals.


We hope all these practical tips will help you ace your upcoming exams. All The Best!


Reshma Pandya 26/Sep/2020

very useful tips for exams preparation in this pandemic.....try it..it really works!!

Divija 10/Dec/2020

Thankyou for this!


Reshma Pandya 26/Sep/2020

very useful tips for exams preparation in this pandemic.....try it..it really works!!

Divija 10/Dec/2020

Thankyou for this!


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