Feel Like Home: COVID-19 Safety Measures For Your Hostel

21 Sep 2020 | By Aditi Pillai


A hashtag that you have probably seen tons of times during the lockdown. COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 a.k.a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2. Now, that’s one hell of a name for something that is invisible and has spread fear like the speed of the Flash. Huh, 2020!

During the BC (before coronavirus) era, if you regularly used a sanitizer you’re automatically the Monica Geller of your group. Cut to the chase, here we are, adding the COVID safety essentials in our shopping lists. The new normal is here. It’s not going to go anytime soon. So why not be practical and just embrace this scenario? That’s exactly what we look forward to! Practicality, convenience, and most importantly your safety when it comes to booking and staying at hostels. Hostels that make you feel like home. A happy, safe, and clean place.

Committing to Hostel Safety Measures
in Precautions for COVID-19
Yes! *Monica* clean it is. Here’s a list of hostel safety measures for COVID-19 that we have got you covered with to confidently visit and stay at our hostels.

1. Regular Sanitisation - With a dedicated and trained set of people, cleaning and disinfecting frequently and at regular intervals is a mandatory practice for your safety. Extra care is taken in some of the high contact areas like doorknobs, reception desk, lockers, washbasins, taps, and other commonly used surfaces. This will mainly avoid the transfer of germs. Shared areas are ventilated. Strict cleaning protocols are maintained with the right cleaning and disinfecting equipment at all times. Dustbins are emptied on a timely basis. Hygienic practices are encouraged to create a safe environment together. 

2. Minimal Touch Policy - You will be encountered with the ‘touch me not’ spirits as soon as you enter the hostel. The minimal touch policy ensures limited touchy times when you are around people. Gestures like namaste, elbow bump, foot shakes are often recommended to follow as a precautionary measure for COVID - 19. When it comes to using taps for washing hands and sanitizers for personal hygiene, we ensure that hands-free systems are installed. Taps can automatically be started by recognizing your hand movement with its sensors. Furthermore, for transactions, we suggest choosing online modes of payment to follow the minimal touch policy.

3. Precaution First - “Precaution is better than cure.” A phrase you keep hearing and is now more important than ever. For achieving #SafetyFirst, we first focus on taking care of necessary precautions for everyone’s safety. Mandatory temperature monitoring is done for everyone entering the hostel premises. Sanitizers are kept for use at various places. Apart from that, dedicated bedding arrangements like bedsheets and pillows are arranged for the hostelites. Coffee machines and canteen areas are regularly sanitized with utmost care. Soaps and towels are kept separate for every hostel resider. To take extra precautions, we advise students living in our hostels to avoid any exchange of garments or other personal belongings among one another.

4. Social Distancing - By now, it’s a well-known fact that social distancing is one of the biggest contributing factors to consider as the safety measures for COVID-19. A 6ft distance at all times can help you save lives and keep you safe at the same time. If you’re are following it religiously, it’s time to give a pat on your back!

To ensure social distancing, we have signages placed at various spots that serve as a friendly reminder. Like a caution sign, but definitely in a more subtle way. Adapting to change kinda takes time and we totally understand that. That’s exactly why we have infographics pinned on to remind you why it’s the need of the hour and ensure that it’s followed.

5. Special Guidelines - We know that sharing is caring and that’s often practiced in hostels. So, to be extra careful, we provide special guidelines to you that help you stay healthy and safe. For example: Sharing your coffee cups is a big no-no. The same goes for your plates and cutlery items to prevent any transmission. For gatherings and parties, it’s best avoided. Hence, we rather encourage virtual celebrations. Know that nothing is canceled. Your safety cannot be compromised, so together we will figure out a safe way at the end of the day.

6. Digital Empowerment - In today’s digital era, technology has made our life easier. Tbh, that’s the whole point of its existence. ?? That’s why to make the best out of it and create a safe environment, Aarogya Setu App is a compulsory prerequisite for everyone before entering the hostel. With the use of Bluetooth and GPS, the mobile application is designed to keep track of other users that a person comes in contact with. In case if you are around any COVID-19 positive user, the app immediately alerts you. Apart from that, you can also self - assess your symptoms (if any) by answering a survey and know your risk profile. All COVID-19 updates are regularly posted to keep you aware and informed.

7. Staff Training - As the current scenario evolves, we are constantly seeking advice on ways to keep you safe and fit. We provide the right kind of training to our staff members to cope up, adapt, and deliver the safety precautions to prevent COVID-19. They are not just trained to protect you but also take good care of themselves. With protective wear like PPE kits, the hostel staff is committed to making you feel like home. Safe as always. You can feel free to reach out to them (by properly social distancing ??) with any of your queries.

Sanitized stays are waiting for you! With all these hostel safety measures in precautions for COVID-19, you can stay rest assured and ditch all those fears and doubts. As threatening as this coronavirus seems to be, collectively let’s be courageous and win over this pandemic.

So the next time when you are booking a hostel with us if a question like “Will I be safe here?” pops on your mind, we hope you are absolutely sure. ??


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