Road to Online Learning: 10 Most Effective Tips for Hostelites

21 Sep 2020 | By Nikhar Shah


Since the national lockdown, this form of learning has been more prominent than ever! Pretty sure that at one point in time the hashtag #OnlineClasses has been used on your Instagram stories. Well, welcome to the new normal!  Studying online is a great way to seek knowledge and enhance your skills in a flexible way from your hostel. However, getting in the mode and adopting the online learning culture can be a little challenging.

Tbh, it's not all that difficult. Yes, you need to be committed and have self - discipline. But if you're reading this right now, it's safe to say that you are a committed and disciplined student. So that's a done deal. Now, let's get started with your journey to online learning success!

Tips for Successful Online Learning for Hostelites

If this is your first time with online learning, chill out because you will get used to it in no time. Here are the top 10 most effective online learning tips for hostilities.
1. Set the Right Expectations - The first and foremost thing is to treat an online class as a real one in the classroom. Imagine that you are right in front of your teacher. Expect that the learning value you get each day is just the same as you get in a classroom. Your teacher will be providing guidance at all times and maintaining the same level of professionalism. Therefore, you have to be accountable for yourself. So always try to actively participate in your online class with the willingness to learn and complete the tasks assigned by your teacher.

2. Sort the Technical Requirements - When you are studying online during Coronavirus, you become responsible for the learning environment created. Ensuring access to a reliable wi-fi connection, taking care of the audio and video requirements in advance is a mandatory practice. Arranging the learning software like google classroom, zoom meetings, etc. should be known on a prior basis.

One hour before your online classes, ensure that you have sorted all these requirements and kept your notes handy. In case of assignments, which are now to be submitted online, you have to ensure that you have saved your work. 

Technical glitches happen all the time. So, you have to take the necessary precautions, so that you can submit your assignments on time. The best-recommended option for your online assignments is google docs, spreadsheets, and slides. They automatically save your work plus it's really user - friendly.

3. Remove Distractions - Say goodbye to them. Block all your distractions as much as you can while you sit for your online learning classes. At challenging times like these, it's already too exhausting. So be it the social media or any physical distractions in your surrounding, keep yourself away from it. Oh yes, those other tabs of Netflix or Prime have to be shut down too!

(Sure you do! But that can wait )

Also, communicate with people around you that your online class is about to start. This will keep them informed and there will be no disturbance from their side. That's all you need to get in the online learning mode.

4. Dedicate a Study Space - It's time to study! From real classrooms to virtual ones, this transition demands a dedicated and comfortable study space. Keep it well organized with your books, laptop, and stationery. Ensure it's not cluttered or dusty. You can keep a bottle of water handy before you start your online class.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the lighting. Your study area must be well lit. A dark space can be really depressing. Not just that it will also make you feel drained out and increase strain on your eyes in no time. Therefore, go for a clean, tidy, and a well - lit space that makes you look forward to online learning.

5. Make a Study Plan - Creating a study plan (and following it) is super essential.  Apart from the online learning time slot, it is important that you dedicate your time to self-studies. Ensure that your study plan is fulfilling all your responsibilities and also giving you the break that you need.

Make notes of assignments and projects to be submitted while creating the plan. Create daily "to-do" checklists one day before so that you are ready for the next day. Plan even what you do on weekends, even if it includes binge-watching the new season of your favorite show. Planning will always save time and take you one step closer to achieving your goals.

6. Take Breaks - Studying for long hours is not cool. Some of the consequences include fatigue, lack of concentration, poor memory retention, and whatnot! That's exactly why taking mandatory regular breaks is advisable.
With online learning, there are high chances that you are stuck in front of the laptop for long hours. To avoid that, stretch a little, look outside the window, grab a snack, or just do anything you enjoy doing. But please take breaks. It will be beneficial physically and mentally as well.

7. Learn Effective Communication - Stephen Covey once said "The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply." If you just think and pause, you will know that it's actually so true. We as humans tend to not listen to understand. How exactly do we communicate then?

Here are 5 simple tips you can follow:

  • Never interrupt. Wait for the person to finish.
  • Listen, listen, and listen. (even in silence)
  • Pay attention to hand gestures and signals.
  • Use simple words. Avoid confusing jargon while speaking.
  • Write to get clarity.

8. Associate Proactively - Online learning doesn't mean you are disassociated. You are very much a part of your class. Feel free to proactively participate and connect with your peers. Treat everyone with respect even if you do not agree, stay polite, be more kind, and listen with empathy.

Share ideas, discuss, and engage. Speak complete sentences in simple language to avoid any sort of confusion. Take notes and write down your doubts. Ask them to be clear. Really, it's okay to ask. No one is going to judge you. You need to make sure you fully understand and get value from your online learning sessions. Even though you aren’t in the classroom, everyone is virtually with you. So, make it a point to reach out to your teachers and peers. Stay associated and enjoy your online learning experience.

9. Recheck, Revise, Reward, Repeat - If you thought you are good to go by following all the above points, you're not. You have finished a part of it wholeheartedly. The real work begins now. After each session, recheck what you have learned: the notes you have taken and the concepts taught during the class. Then, add time to revise in your study plan.

Revisions can help you enhance your memory as well as give a deeper and clear understanding of everything you have studied. Once you are done revising, quiz yourself on the important things you need to remember. You can probably do it along with your close friend on a video call. This way you both will learn effectively.

After thoroughly revising, go on and reward yourself! Rewards could be anything from buying a box of doughnuts to watching a new movie online. You can choose any activity that you enjoy doing. Ensure that you repeat the cycle to stay consistent. When done regularly, you will notice a difference - from being a beginner in online learning to managing it like a pro! You will now be loving the new normal for its online learning system.

10. Make Way for Self-Care - When you are studying online during coronavirus, self-care is extremely important. Often we don't make time for ourselves. But you know what? For studying online successfully, a healthy body and mind are essential factors. Only then you are open to learning and seeking information.

Therefore, take good care of yourself. Maintain good hygienic practices, take all the necessary precautions, pamper yourself, and indulge in healthy habits from time to time. Schedule breaks to avoid stressful long hours of studying. You might not want to strain your back and eyes by sitting with a laptop for hours together. Rather choose to dance, do yoga, or simply look at the beautiful sky, take a deep breath, and be grateful.

There you go! 10 effective tips to make the best out of your online studies. Do try them out from today and let us know how was your study online experience.  


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