Your Starter Guide To Hostel Living During COVID-19

21 Sep 2020 | By Aditi Pillai


A hashtag that’s trending to remind you that even when we are away, we literally are together during this global crisis. Thinking about living at hostels during such a time can give you all sorts of scary feels. But the truth is it’s normal to feel this way and you don’t have to feel like this forever. This change is good!

Gone are those times when the hostel rooms were crowded. In a world where we are fighting with an invisible enemy called Corona Virus, it’s now time to say yes to crowd-free hostel rooms that follow social distancing for your overall health and safety. So, here’s a starter guide for a hassle-free and safe hostel living during COVID-19:

Getting Started with Hostel Living
During COVID-19

1. Get Your Essentials Sorted - This should be your first and foremost consideration. Pretty sure that by now you have customized masks wishlisted in your online shopping cart. Keeping a handy set of essentials like sanitizers, soaps, masks, and gloves can help you and others stay safe. We often talk, sneeze, touch here and there unknowingly. So, these essentials are a part of your savior kit that prevents the transmission of respiratory droplets. Yes, the ones that so keenly spread the virus.?? Hence, you gotta be keener to get your essentials sorted and follow social distancing. In terms of the mask, ensure that you:

- Please get your nose covered. (because that’s the whole point you know!)
- Do not remove it while talking to others.
- Do not wear a loose mask.
- Do not share your mask with others.

2. The Hot Water Magic - Drinking hot water has effective health benefits. Be it a sore throat or just a running nose, a cup of hot water can give you the much-needed relief. Hot water also helps in digestion and improves circulation in your body. Plus, it’s a great way to get rid of unwanted toxins in your body. For a soothing effect, you can also drink warm water before going to bed, this will make you feel fuller at night (with no midnight cravings ??) and give you refreshed mornings. ??

3. Washing for Good - This hygienic practice covers two main aspects.
- Washing your clothes and towels.
- Washing your hands.

While staying in hostels, it’s usual to feel lazy and pile up your clothes during normal times. However, during COVID-19 times, this practice is not advisable. Cleaning and disinfecting clothes and towels regularly is a good hygienic practice that you must follow. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends water temperatures between 60-90°C for washing your clothes and towels.

When it comes to washing your hands, you might remember that as a basic hygiene practice that your teacher/mom taught you as a kid. Now, it’s the No.1 tip to prevent Corona Virus. Washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds is effective for killing germs. Wet - Lather - Scrub - Rinse and Dry! The easiest and fun way to do that rightly is by singing the chorus of your favorite song twice. Try it out and thank us later. ??

4. Steam to Clear Up - Steaming involves inhaling. A precautionary measure that is 100% natural and practiced for ages. A bowl of hot water boiled with camphor and ajwain would be ideal. Ensure that you are careful when handling the hot bowl to avoid any accidents. Inhaling the hot water vapor can reduce the mucus and clean up your nose, throat, and lungs. This will make you feel better and comfortable instantly when done daily.

5. Kadha to Power Up - Easy to make and blend, the ingredients of this goodness drink is readily available in any Indian Kitchen. All you need is water, ginger, garlic, turmeric powder, and pepper. You can also add tulsi if it is available. If you are taking one whole vessel filled with water and adding all these natural ingredients, ensure that you boil it till it becomes half. The concentrated healthy drink is then all yours, giving you the perfect immunity boost to combat seasonal changes and infections.

The taste of the kadha might not please your taste buds, but definitely will give your body the immune system that it deserves. *let the goodness do its magic* You can probably add lemon juice for taste and charge up for your day ahead. ??

6. Switch to Yoga Mode - It’s age-old. It’s popular. It’s as Indian as it gets! Your busy routine may not have time for yoga classes. That’s exactly why, we recommend doing yoga at the comfort of your hostel. You don’t have to go all Ramdev, just basic yoga poses can help you stay fit physically and mentally as well. Here are some simple poses that you can do all by yourself.

It’s a great way to relax, pause, and feel energized. Yoga helps you stay balanced and enhances your flexibility and body posture. Increasing sleep quality is another bonus!

7. Seek Help - The COVID-19 symptoms are on everyone’s top of the mind right now. So if you are having any such symptoms like fever, cold, cough, or trouble in breathing, the first thing you do is seek help. Do not panic for it will do no good to you. Please know that it's okay to reach out if you’re not feeling well. Help will always be available so do not hesitate for your health and safety. Immediate medical attention is advised in such scenarios to take care and necessary measures.

8. Stay Tuned - Be proactive and stay tuned to all the latest updates from legit trusted sources like WHO or the local and national health authorities like the Ministry of Ayush, the health ministry of your state, etc. They can give you the right suggestions from time to time to keep yourself safe and healthy while you enjoy your stay at hostels.

With all these safety measures, here’s your complete starter guide to hostel living during COVID-19. We understand the crisis has taken a toll on you. Trust me, it’s not just you, it’s a global effect. Millions are hoping along for better days and even better years! Yes, this shall too pass.

Instead of thinking by when? Remember that what’s really important at this moment is your safety. ?? Take baby steps. Make wise choices. Acknowledge what’s going on and relax with yoga and meditation. It will also help improve your mental health. Find ways to stay connected while you use this guide and make the best of your time during your hostel stay!


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